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Safe and sustainable urban spaces and local communities

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Two days of sparring, knowledge-sharing, case work and continued strong Nordic collaboration. For city practitioners, civil society, Nordic and international experts

Urban spaces are crucial to cities' functionality and social coherence. On one hand, urban spaces can foster creativity and incite harmonious leisure. On the other hand, they can make people feel unsafe and increase the risk or frequency of criminal acts.

At this session we will work together, leading Nordic experts and practitioners, to strengthen your safe city strategy, approaches and practises for making safe urban spaces within the whole city. Together we will strive to find constructive answers and solutions on:

  • How can cities ensure that its public spaces encourage a sense of inclusion and safety?
  • How can a housing association encourage engagement and trust amongst its residents?
  • How can citizens participate in the development of safe and sustainable urban spaces and local communities?


Start: 2017-08-23
Slut: 2017-08-24
Mjølnerparken, Copenhagen

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