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Nordic Day 2015

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Children and young people
can't wait - Improving well-being through cooperation

Vulnerable children and young people at risk develop mental illness and end up in a lifelong alienation to a greater degree than others. They often have complex problems that require action from several professions and authorities in the social services, education, labor and health care sectors.

During this year's event Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues will highlight specific work practices aiming to reduce the risk of exclusion. The working methods require participation both from the individual who is concerned and collaboration between different sectors of the community.

IN THE PROJECT "Youth in Nordic Countries - mental health, employment and education", we develop knowledge about young adults at risk of social exclusion because of mental illness. In addition to the project we present the Norwegian model of cooperation "15-24 All Youth in Activity". The model depends on active participation from the young people themselves as well as inter-agency partnership.
Staff who work directly with this model of cooperation will be present to tell us of the practical approach.

Fokus på barn i fosterhemALSO, THE MORE specific project «Children in Nordic Countries - Focus on Children in Foster Care" highlights the need for and good examples of interdisciplinary cooperation as a prerequisite to solve some of the problems. Children and young people growing up in foster care have high excess risk for a number of negative life events. Among other things, there is a ten times higher risk that they live on welfare benefits at the age of 26, compared to others. It is six times more common that they have attempted or committed suicide.

During the Nordic Day, we present concrete proposals for the concerted efforts of social services, education and health care sectors.

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NORDIC DAY is a pre-conference event to the 23rd European Social Services Conference. The main conference event is arranged by the European Social Network, ESN, an independent network for local public social services in Europe. ESN has over 100 member organizations, which are associations of directors of social services; departments of social welfare of regions, counties and municipalities; public funding and regulatory agencies, universities, research and organisations responsible for the improvement of social services.

THE THEME of this year's ESN conference is Connect - Building partnerships to improve lives. You will find more information and a registration form on the conference website.

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Start: 2015-07-05 - kl 12:30
Slut: 2015-07-05 - kl 17:00
Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel, Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 15, Lissabon
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