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Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers' Assembly (NADRA) 2016

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Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers' Assembly (NADRA) in Helsinki, Finland, 31 August - 2 September 2016.

A draft version of the conference program is now available. Download it here

The registration for NADRA 2016 is closed. Warmly welcome to our side event 30 August and our open session 2 September!

Invitation to the side event: Workshop on publishing in peer
-review journals (pdf)

Invitation to the open session: Alcohol Control Policies in a Public Health Perspective – The Purple Book (pdf)

Thematic focus and keynote speakers

The aim of the assembly is to gather primarily Nordic researchers working with alcohol and drug related issues to discuss research on trends and developments in consumption, prevention and treatment.

1. Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Johan Edman (Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs SoRAD, Stockholm University, Sweden)

From best practice to national prestige? Welfare research and the knowledge-base of Swedish alcohol policy 1911–2015

Substance use and abuse, along with a number of other life-style related issues, are frequently collected under the umbrella of public health. Linking substance use research to the general field of public health, however, raises some questions: what can research offer to a time and context defined perception of public health that builds on knowledge, but also political interests and social attitudes? How will a public health framing influence Nordic alcohol and drug research, political interest, and social attitudes?

2. Keynote speaker: Professor Alex Stevens (University of Kent, UK)

Friends or foes? The roles of 'harm reduction' and 'recovery' in the treatment of drug dependence

Treatment approaches in the Nordic countries span from medically focused and long-term substitution regimes to strictly drug-free alternatives aiming at sobriety. In addition to ideological differences, financial constraints also influence the available treatment options. What are the dangers and opportunities of 'harm reduction' and 'recovery' in drug treatment? What is the scope for compatibility between the aims and practices of medically assisted and abstinence-based services? Can they be friends, or are they destined to be foes?

3. Keynote speakers: Professor Robin Room (Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University, Australia), Professor Pekka Sulkunen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Senior Researcher Pia Mäkelä (National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland)

Alcohol Control Policies in a Public Health Perspective – The Purple Book

In 1975, the Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies published a monograph ”Alcohol Control Policies in Public Health Perspective” by Kettil Bruun and others. The book made an effort at shifting the focus from the individual to the population – and policy. Forty-one years later, has the main theses endured the test of time? Is contemporary research still behind the claim that the average amount of alcohol consumption in a society directly affects the amount of problems experienced by the society? Do we still believe that the most effective way to reduce alcohol problems is through policies aimed at reducing total consumption?

For further information:

Project manager Nina Karlsson
tel. +358 45 872 0270

Communications adviser Jessica Gustafsson
tel. +358 40 060 5752

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Start: 2016-8-31 - kl 9:30
Slut: 2016-9-2 - kl 12:0
Hotel Best Western Rantapuisto, Ramsinniementie 16, 00980 Helsinki, Finland
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