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Young people on the edge (summary)

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Young people on the edge (summary) - Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youths

The unemployment among young people is considerably higher than the overall unemployment in the Nordic region. A growing group of young people in the Nordic countries are at a great risk of permanent exclusion with regard to working life and society, perhaps for much of their adult lives. Unemployment among young people is a permanent structural problem, but it has increased as a result of the global economic crisis.

The project Nordic Labour Market Inclusion is one of seven projects under the Globalization Initiative of the Nordic Council of Ministers Sundhet och Välfärd (Health and Wellbeing) (2010–2012). The aim of Nordic Labour Market Inclusion has been to identify and analyze what the Nordic countries are doing and achieving in order to include disadvantaged groups in the labour market. One of the goals of this is to create a basis for knowledge exchange and learning between the Nordic countries for the further development of labour market and social policies.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has asked the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues to analyze, how one in the Nordic region most effectively can contribute to increased inclusion of vulnerable people in the labour market. The report Young people on the edge (summary) –Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youth is a result of this work.


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Författare: Bjørn Halvorsen, Ole-Johnny Hansen and Jenny Tägtström
Publikationsår: 2013
Publicerad: 2013-05-17 09:30:00
ISBN: ISBN 978-92-893-2551-6
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