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Focus on Nordic Disability Policies

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The focus of this publication is on policy for the disabled in the Nordic countries. One of the objectives of the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues (NVC) is to provide knowledge and insight and to provoke debate, and that is also the purpose of this document - and of all our publications.

The initiative for this publication came originally from the Sixth Network of the Nordic Disability Policy Council, whose members work to coordinate disability policies within government bodies.

The publication contains facts about the Nordic countries' policies in this area, topical articles, interviews with users and politicians, presentation of research on disability and a glance at the international scene.


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Författare: Louise Hertzberg ; Helena Lagercrantz;
Publikationsår: 2011
Publicerad: 2011-03-01 11:30:00
Språk: English
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Sporty woman in wheelchair

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