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KBS thematic meeting in Helsinki 2015 - Alcohol’s harm to others

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A thematic conference of the Kettil Bruun Society, Alcohol’s Harm to Others – Perceptions, Policies and Approaches, will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 14-17 September 2015. The Nordic Center for Welfare and Social Issues is one of the organisers.

Kettil Bruun Society_logo“Harm to others” has lately received global interest as a loosely defined, overarching concept in alcohol research. It covers well-known harms and costs to intimates, bystanders, strangers, professionals and social institutions, but also offers the potential for new perspectives.

Rather than talking about separate types of alcohol-related harm, such as mistreated children, insecurity in public and private settings, criminality, loss of person-years and cost of treatment, the concept of alcohol’s harm to others generates information about social relations involved in alcohol-related harm in private and public settings.

Call for papers

We welcome papers on themes connected to the harm to others perspective. Scholars interested in presenting at the conference are invited to submit abstracts (max. 250 words) to no later than 28 February 2015.

- www.nordicwelfare.org/kbsthematic2015

- Call for papers – KBS thematic meeting – Alcohol´s harm to others (pdf)

- www.kettilbruun.org

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