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Nordic Day 2016 - CONNECT: A guide to implementing Welfare Technology on local level

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WELFARE TECHNOLOGY, the Nordic umbrella term covering Health Technology and Assisted Living Technology, is emerging as a very important innovative tool to counter challenges to our modern welfare states. The challenges are well known: like most of the western world, Nordic countries face demographic challenges, an ageing population, an increasing amount of people with chronic illness and difficulties recruiting new employees.

THIS YEAR'S NORDIC DAY is dedicated to the project CONNECT. Within the project we create a complete process for working with welfare technology, equipped with best practice tools for each necessary step in the process.

Using a bottom up approach, CONNECT collects the best practice knowledge and experience, from ten of the leading municipalities within the Nordic region, to create a complete process and complete set of tool. This will give future users the structure and knowledge they need to maximize the chances of their welfare technology projects successfully ending in an actual implementation.

En kvinnlig vårdpersonal arbetar med en datorskärmTODAY, WELFARE TECHNOLOGY needs to move away from simply being innovative pilot projects towards becoming an integrated part of the way public authorities deliver their services.

TO INSURE and support this transition we need to counter some of the general challenges toward efficient use of welfare technology:

  • Too many projects with too little end product.
  • A general tendency towards having too much focus on simply participating in projects rather than insuring that the knowledge obtained is actually embedded throughout the organization.
  • A continuous reinvention of the wheel through a profound lack of knowledge sharing, leading to inefficient use of public resources.
  • A weak common market for welfare technology

A COMMON PROCESS will also allow municipalities to better share knowledge and results, not only nationally but also between countries. This common practice could also be beneficial to companies, as they will be able to access an international market.



This web page will be updated with more information.

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NORDIC DAY 2016 is a pre-conference event to the 24th European Social Services Conference. The main conference event is arranged by the European Social Network, ESN, an independent network for local public social services in Europe. ESN has over 100 member organizations, which are associations of directors of social services; departments of social welfare of regions, counties and municipalities; public funding and regulatory agencies, universities, research and organisations responsible for the improvement of social services.

PR-bild inför ESN-konferensen 20-22 juni i Haag

THE THEME of this year's ESN conference is The future is local - Empowering communities, combatting poverty, improving services.

YOU WILL FIND more information on the conference website.


Start: 2016-06-19 - kl 13:00
Slut: 2016-06-19 - kl 17:00
The Hague Marriott Hotel, Johan de Wittlaan 30, The Hague, 2517 JR Netherlands, Conference Room A1.
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