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Disability Policies and the impact of UNCRPD in the Nordic region

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SEVERAL OF the Nordic countries and autonomous areas Greenland, Faroe islands and Åland have national strategic plans for disability policy. Some are during 2016 developing new strategies.

THE UN CONVENTION on the rights for Persons with Disabilities has an impact throughout the whole Nordic region. The process of ratification, implementation and reporting cycle are fundamental parts of national disability policy even if there are national differences in the status of all mentioned processes. Improving living conditions and strengthening rights by implementing UN Convention into the national legal context, is a common challenge.

SIMILARITIES and differences in the Nordic countries' and autonomous areas' strategic work with mainstreaming the disability perspective in all political areas, is already a topic for Nordic cooperation on disability.

  • MARCH 9, ON THE FIRST DAY of this seminar, experts on disability policy discussed success factors and efficient methods for strategic disability policy implementation. 
  • MARCH 10, ON THE SECOND DAY, focus lied on the situation and strategic work in Finland on the threshold of the forthcoming ratification of UNCRPD.


Start: 2016-03-09 - kl 10:00
Slut: 2016-03-10 - kl 17:00
THL, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Mannerheimvägen 166 A, Helsinki
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