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Program: The 1st Gambling Policy Conference

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Preliminary program at a glance

Monday 6 November

09.00    Welcome, Opening of the conference
Session 1: Topical gambling policy questions in the Nordic countries

10.55-11.15    Coffee
Session 2: Gambling policies in the EU

13.00-14.00    Lunch
Session 3: Book launch seminar “Gambling, Science and Public Policy”

16.15-17.00    Refreshments and networking

Tuesday 7 November

9.15-10.30    Session 4: Society, consumer protection, media and marketing

10.45-11.15    Coffee
Session 5: Dilemmas of regulation

13.00-14.00    Lunch
Session 6: Gambling, proceeds and the public good

15.45    End of conference

Speakers at the conference

Alan Littler, Kalff Katz & Fransen, The Netherlands
Anne Ingeborg Finsaas Reiestad, Ministry of Culture, Norway
Carsten Jensen, Aarhus University, Denmark (TBC)
Charles Livingstone, Monash University, Australia
Daniel Thor Ólason, University of Iceland, Iceland
Gerda Reith, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Ingeborg Rossow, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
Jakob Simonsen, Ministry of Taxation, Denmark
Jani Selin, National Institute for Health  and Welfare, Finland
Janne Nikkinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Jenny Cisneros-Örnberg, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Jenny Jensen, Ministry of Finance, Sweden (TBC)
Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
Jouni Laiho, Ministry of the Interior, Finland
Kate Bedford, University of Kent, UK
Matilda Hellman, University of Helsinki, Finland
Michael Egerer, University of Helsinki, Finland
Nerilee Hing, Central Queensland University, Australia
Pekka Sulkunen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Robin Room, La Trobe University, Australia
Tom Babor, University of Connecticut, USA
Veera Kankainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Virve Marionneau, University of Helsinki, Finland

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